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The complexity coupled with elegance a genuine Douro character and unique style. The Quinta is located in the DOC region of the Douro Valley, in the left hand of the Douro river in the Cima Corgo sub-region, 4km south of Pinhão.
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Gary Vaynerchuk is a name that doesn’t need introduction in the world of wine. Young entrepreneur came to realize that, just like some people collect paintings, coins or cards, as many collect expensive and world renowned wines. From then stood up and turned into a true wine expert. In this video Gary exposes the potential of the wines produced at Quinta da Carolina and recognizes the high quality of Portuguese wines.        


13 Mai A cor retinta da Carolina, ou como neste Douro há uma princesa entre Barões

  After a break, first forced and then deserved, I return to this blog today, like someone who picks up his beloved and forgotten guitar, and tries again, with a trembling hand, a few chords and a dozen and a half strumming. Discover her, as always, seductive and beautiful, but the hands that touch her have changed. So I feel today when writing this text. In fact, it was promised a long time ago, but only now have the stars come together in proper alignment. The reason you will understand in a little while, I will say for now that it is a matter of verticality. At the end of the artistic preamble, we go to another one, which seems to be taking its tastes again, and the inspiration for the rodeo cannot be wasted. Quinta da Carolina is located in the Douro, in the upper Corgo region, and belongs…


10 Out 25 Set Vinhos de Portugal 2015 – João Paulo Martins

In this video Gary exposes the potential of the wines produced at Quinta da Carolina and recognizes the high quality of Portuguese wines.   Quinta da Carolina Red Reserve 2010 -Rating 17 “Tasted again in 2013. Seems like the time has not passed through the wine, it remains in very good shape, full of life: very balanced aroma, because the fruit and the barrels are in a very good dialogue, resulting in a much more elegance than power and therefore also becomes more attractive. In the mouth, the presence of the barrel is also a bit more evident and the tannins also showed well, thin, as if to tell us that some calm in consumption will be advisable. Good harvests earlier: 2009″   Carolina White 2013 – Rating 16 Blend of Viosinho, Rabigato and Códega do Larinho. The aroma shows this time a more citrus tone, along with notes of…


26 Ago Um percurso pela Quinta da Carolina

Porto Canal report for the Destino Norte program. A tour of Quinta da Carolina, in Tabuaço in the company of Luís Cândido.The essence of wine tourism, in a farm that was once owned by a Californian and produces “vins de garage”.Reporting by Sónia Balieiro and image by Miguel Soares.       https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pur7H1cZ79M